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Presencia internacional

During the last years, CABOSA has developed growth and geographical diversification strategies, focusing our attention on markets with a high development potential; where our company can work out its know-how and experience in order to achieve an outstanding position.

Through this international growth process strategy, CABOSA is now present in the main garment manufacturers in over 15 countries worldwide.

We offer our customers a special international department with highly qualified staff to attend them personally and in the world’s main languages. This department attends exclusively foreign clients.

CABOSA’s objective is to consolidate itself more and more in the international market increasing the market share in each of the countries where we are currently present; and at the same time gain new customers in countries where, as it has been mentioned before, exist a high development potential.

Our aim is to strengthen our presence in the national market and continue to expand the focus of our company in the main international markets worldwide.

For further information, please contact our Customer Care Department.

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